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The formula of inositol is C6H12O6, is one of the vitamin B– a water soluble vitamin,it is also called vitamin B group. Inositol and choline are also known as six alcohol, it is white crystalline powder. There are nine kinds of stereoisomers, the racemic can promote cell metabolism, contribute to development, increase appetite, it also can cure the fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis, arteriosclerosis, embolism and so on.

Function :

1.It can lower cholesterol, prevent hair loss, eczema, promote growth of healthy hair and liver fat metabolism, help the redistribution of body fat, also it has a calming effect.

2.The nutrients of the food industry can be directly taken, children’s food, nutrition, promote human metabolism.

3.It is the feed additive for fish, shrimp and Livestock ,it can promote the rapid growth of fish, enhance immunity, and achieve a high and stable yield. In the recent years, through demonstration experiments, it proves that inositol is the essential feed additives in aquaculture.

4.Inositol is the premise of the synthesis of many biological molecules,it can be used for the synthesis of galactose inositol,and so on.

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